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Masterfully beautiful CD

Music Frames, Mattie Poels

[A] special album[,] where classical compositions are arranged for trio … The Linos Piano Trio plays on their album Stolen Music works by Debussy, Dukas, Schönberg and Ravel.

Playing covers or arrangements is much more common in pop and jazz music (standards) than in the classical repertoire … Today there is a slight turnaround where skilled arrangers venture into well-known classical repertoire … This way of making music brings the classical repertoire closer to a wider audience, who maybe get interested in other (classical) works.

The Linos Piano Trio (LPT) plays program music on their new album Stolen Music. Compositions with a story, carefully arranged for piano, cello and violin. In each piece the music is crystallized and reduced to the core and the notes that really matter. You can clearly hear it in Debussy’s Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune. A work from the impressionism period where atmosphere and timbre are extremely important…

… excellently played by the LPT.

This also applies to Verklärte Nacht by Arnold Schönberg. He wrote this composition in response to his infatuation with his later wife Mathilde, whom he married in 1901. In this ‘sober’ line-up, this fantastic work is subtly reproduced and actually it comes even in a better atmosphere than the original.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (L’apprenti sorcier) by Paul Dukas is a fairy tale set to music in which the Sorcerer’s Apprentice starts experimenting. This (of course) went wrong and he accidentally breaks the dancing broom. Now both pieces start dancing, followed by a striking moment when the sorcerer appears in the doorway.

The performance of the LPT retains the beautiful visual power that is so important in this composition.

These three musicians give the music the right dose of energy and lightness.

We also hear something similar in the closing work La Valse by Maurice Ravel. A composition that was originally intended as a ballet…

in the performance of the LPT retains its feather light and suppleness, with remarkable playing by pianist Prach Boondiskulchok.

This masterfully beautiful CD Stolen Music, I would prefer to call Borrowed Music, since the arrangers of the LPT and Eduard Steuermann (who arranged V. Nacht) carefully translated the core of the repertoire to piano trio and did not steal the music, but borrow it with respect. Excellent album!

The recording:
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