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George Vass


Described by BBC Radio 3 as “the saviour of contemporary classical music”, George Vass is Artistic Director of the Presteigne Festival and Orchestra Nova.

“Under the alert and responsive direction of conductor George Vass, to whom the score is dedicated, the Nova Music Opera Ensemble brought out the melodic and rhythmic felicities of the score. Virtuosic elements were never underplayed, yet the emotional arc of the opera’s 13 unbroken scenes was of paramount importance, cogently presented in a polished yet spontaneous-sounding reading.”
— Opera Magazine (Nova Music Opera, Cheltenham Festival, 2018)

Robin Browning is an established conductor, performer and music-educator; he is a passionate advocate for music and for the arts in general.
“Unlike many conductors, [Robin] possesses innate and totally convincing authority together with an admirable sense of structure. It was a rare pleasure to make music with such an assured and very gifted musician.”
— John Lill, Pianist

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