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5 Star review from rbbKultur

rbbKultur, Kai Luehrs-Kaiser *****

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, alongside his brother Johann Christian Bach and Haydn, can be considered a pioneer of the piano trio genre. Indeed, he composed a total of 13 piano trios – a form which was very fashionable in the 1770s. Collected together on disc for the first time, the complete set is presented in these recordings which are even more impressive thanks to the players’ eagerness to experiment, bringing wit and curiosity to their interpretations. The young Linos Piano Trio thinks very carefully and seriously about the homogeneity of its combined sound, as would a string quartet, banishing any suggestion of the coffeehouse touch of the 1770s. A great find.

The above is a loose translation of the original review, which was published in german.

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