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Online – Birdfoot Festival


Boulanger Deux Pièces en trio

Join Birdfoot and the Linos Piano Trio to discover the music and musical universe of composer Lili Boulanger. Boulanger was only twenty-four years old when she wrote D’un matin de printemps and D’un soir triste, two trios evoking the contrasting energies of two times of day, morning and evening.

Simultaneously, she was experiencing her own dawn and dusk: as the first woman to win the prestigious Prix de Rome, she was emerging as a formidable musical voice; she was also suffering from a chronic intestinal illness which took her life later in the same year. Tragic as her early death was, her music remains powerfully alive. These two trios are fresh with new energy, while possessing a sense of perspective usually associated with “late” works. Her music stands alongside masterpieces by Debussy and Fauré in ambition, evocativeness, and originality.

Both D’un matin de printemps and D’un soir triste are built around the same few notes, but like a painter capturing the same scene in different lights, Boulanger uses colorful harmonies to capture two gripping, but entirely different emotional moments.

BBN: Writing for Quartet workshop


A chance for composers of all ages and backgrounds to meet the Solem Quartet, and delve into the contemporary string quartet world!

Following on from the success of the first workshop in January 2021, the Solem Quartet host ‘Writing for Quartet’ workshop #2, as part of their ongoing celebration of groundbreaking string quartet writing. ‘Writing for Quartet’ is a strand of the Quartet’s Beethoven Bartok Now series.

Composers of all ages, levels, and backgrounds are encouraged to join the Solem Quartet for a Zoom meeting – please spread the word! We will be taking questions, demonstrating techniques, and performing short excerpts of submitted works. In addition to this, we will also be delving into the detail of one of the great contemporary music quartets, Thomas Ades’ The Four Quarters.

This is a free online Zoom event – but reserving a free ticket is essential. The Zoom link will become available just before the event.

Winchester Chamber Music Festival


Open rehearsal

Messiaen Quartet for the End of Time

Robert Plane (clarinet)
Tim Horton (piano)
David Adams (violin)
Kate Gould (cello)

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