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Songs and Shepherds

Charlotte Bowden (soprano), Robert Plane (clarinet) and Benjamin Frith (piano)

The combination of soprano, clarinet and piano seems to bring out pastoral tendencies in composers! This programme incorporates depictions of shepherds, and their Romantic place in the natural world, by Arnold Cooke and Mayerbeer, before concluding with Schubert’s masterpiece of the genre, ‘Shepherd on the Rock’. The first half of the recital focuses on English repertoire, Stanford’s Three Intermezzi acting as an overture to haunting works by two of his illustrious students, Vaughan Williams and Holst. The second half explores Lieder, in particular the deeply moving Six German Songs by Louis Spohr, ripe with longing and regret.

Charles Villiers Stanford – Three Intermezzi, op. 13
Ralph Vaughan Williams – 3 Vocalises
Gustav Holst – Six Songs, op. 16
Arnold Cooke – Three Songs of Innocence
Giacomo Meyerbeer – Hirtenlied
Louis Spohr – Sechs Lieder, op. 103
Franz Schubert – The Shepherd on the Rock, D. 965
Further proposals
Robert Plane
Recital with Benjamin Frith – I
Robert Plane (clarinet) and Benjamin Frith (piano)
Saint-Saëns, Fauré and Messiaen
Robert Plane (clarinet) and the Gould Piano Trio
Recital with Benjamin Frith – II
Robert Plane (clarinet) and Benjamin Frith (piano)
Coleridge-Taylor Clarinet Quintet with the Marmen Quartet
Robert Plane (clarinet) and the Marmen Quartet
Beethoven, Hindemith and Brahms
Robert Plane (clarinet) and the Gould Piano Trio
Music in Theatre
Lucy Gould (violin) Robert Plane (clarinet) and Benjamin Frith (piano)
Robert Plane
Boulez and Reich
Robert Plane (clarinet)
Hamilton Clarinet Quintet
Robert Plane (clarinet) and the Maxwell Quartet
Farrenc, Takemitsu and Saint-Saëns
Robert Plane (clarinet) and the Gould Piano Trio
Mark Boden Clarinet Concerto
Robert Plane (clarinet)
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