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Max Bruch: Touching the Divine

In this fascinating article about Max Bruch by Andrew Mellor for Gramophone Magazine, to mark the forthcoming centenary of the composer’s death, the writer explores Bruch’s “remarkable ear for melody”.

“That which established him as a composer is that which sustains his reputation today: his love for melody, his openness to it, and his ability to conjure it up. Bruch’s cleaving to melody as both source and structure kept his ears alive to the truly beautiful, whatever its provenance.”

Andrew Mellor surveys the composer’s life, influences, compositions and the recordings of his music in fine detail, including contributions from Robert Plane who recorded Bruch’s Eight Pieces Op. 83 with Philip Dukes and Sophia Rahman for ASV in 2002.

You can read the article here. Max Bruch died on October 2, 1920.

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