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Husum Festival of Piano Rarities: Husum

Schloss vor Husum

Under the artistic direction of pianist Peter Froundjian, the week-long festival has been taking place every year since August in the castle in front of Husum. The aim is to draw the attention of the audience to works that, despite their high quality, have not found their way into the common piano repertoire. The 'rarities of piano music' consists of ten concerts, two matinees and an exhibition. Through the production of a live CD (on the Danish label "Danacord"), a selection of the played works is distributed worldwide.

Chaminade: 6 Romances sans paroles, Op. 76
Scott: Piano Sonata, Op. 66
D'Indy: Poème des Montagnes, Op. 15
Bax: Piano Sonata No. 4

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