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Two strong musical individuals find each other in soft melodies

de Volkskrant, Maartje Stokkers

Not so much a ballet courtship, Pas de Deux is the new album by violinist Daniel Rowland and cellist Maja Bogdanović. Death, with all its fear and acceptance, is the theme. The central piece is the sharp-edged Sonata for violin and cello by Maurice Ravel. Cutting dissonances, fierce strumming; these two strong musical individuals, Rowland and Bogdanović, find each other in soft, Debussy-like melodies.

Castillo Interior by Pēteris Vasks (73) is based on the visions of Spanish nun Teresa of Avila — the harmony and timing of the typical, long, meditative Vasks notes are gripping and heartbreaking at the same time, when serenity turns into fiery minimalism.

Particularly notable in this multicoloured album is Die Albträume des Todes; Chopin’s death march, with lashing strokes and icy chords, shadowed by tango-like rhythms and a Baroque sonata. Bandoneon player Marcelo Nisinman (49) composed the piece especially for this virtuoso musical couple.

(Loosely translated)

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