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This performance is, again, as fine as any I’ve encountered

American Record Guide, Kenneth Keaton

“Rowland and Mesirca supply sparkling, virtuosic performances of the two sets [Falla and Piazzolla].”

“both performances  [Falla and Piazzolla] are some of the finest chamber music on guitar you can expect to hear.”

“Rowland and Mesirca offer four works by Paganini and a Giuliani Duo—the finest performances I’ve ever heard. The Paganini works belong to violinist Rowland, and he plays them magnificently—again, I’ve never heard them better.”

“Giuliani wrote four big, multi-movement works for guitar and violin (or flute). I’ve played all four, and this is the best of the lot—the most virtuosic, the most attractive melodies, and the best distribution of material of interest to both violin and guitar. This performance is, again, as fine as any I’ve encountered.”

“I’ve reviewed Mr Mesirca many times, and he is reliably excellent. Mr Rowland has an impressive career [..], founder and director of the Stift International Music Festival, frequent soloist with orchestras and in chamber music, and an impressive list of artists he has collaborated with, from Heinz Holliger and Dawn Upshaw to Elvis Costello. This is a remarkable performance.”

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