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Magical music … great character, colour and depth

NRC, Joost Galema

Magical meeting of cello and violin

It’s not so often that violin and cello ask each other to dance — usually both of them prefer the piano. But if they do, it can lead to magical music. The earthy cello and floating violin explore each others worlds, or meet halfway. Violinist Daniel Rowland and cellist Maja Bogdanovic bring that feeling to life in their new album Pas de Deux. They dance from the cold north to the hot blooded south: from the barely audible ‘Water Droplets’ by ten-year-old Finn Sibelius to the tangos of the Argentinian Piazzolla. The heart of the disc is Ravel’s tribute to the then-recently-deceased Debussy. It is surrounded with works by the contemporary composers Penderecki, Vasks, Sollima and Nisinman. Here are musical memories that dance through space as ghostly figures, and are interpreted with great character, colour and depth.

(Loosely translated)

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