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Gorgeous performance … a true duo

NPO Radio 4: ‘Discotabel’, Frederike Berntsen

A track from the new disc ‘Pas de Deux’ by Daniel Rowland and Maja Bogdanovic was reviewed in Dutch radio programme ‘Discotabel’ on NPO Radio 4 (the Netherlands’ equivalent of the UK’s BBC Radio 3).

On ‘Discotabel’, a panel of experts reviews new releases ‘blindly’ — only discovering details of the performers and recording after having given their review.

In this programme, Frederike Berntsten (reviewer for the ‘Trouw’ Dutch newspapers) listened to Daniel and Maja’s recording of Krysztof Penderecki’s Ciaconna in memoriam Giovanni Paolo II, and gave the following comments:

Gorgeous performance … And I really hear the ‘metier’ (ambacht) as if one feels (sees) the composer at work, as if the notes are being created in the moment … and such a deeply chestnutty warm sound, a true duo … they perform it fantastically, it is a true voyage of discovery — they know the music through and through also seem to be discovering it in the moment … wonderful, fragile, and tender.

(loose translation)

The whole programme can be heard here, with the section on Daniel and Maja’s recording starting at 40’15”.

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