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Naked, vulnerable and extremely virtuosic playing

Virtuosic - Daniel At Stift

NRC Handelsblad, Mischa Spel

“For the best classical music festivals one doesn’t need to go abroad: in Holland too we have gorgeous festivals in surprising places. The Stift Festival, which has tripled in size since its start in 2004, is one of the highlights, with violinist Daniel Rowland at the heart of a programme worth a detour… Festivals like Stift set a good example to concert halls. Why just put a few quartets together if you can instead have mosaic-like, thematic programming such as we heard on Monday in the Plechelmusbasiliek in Oldenzaal…?”

“Organist Wolfgang Abendroth lets the choral ‘Es ist genug’ flow naturally into his stunning arrangement of Berg’s Violin Concerto for quintet and organ. Therein the Genug-melody returns and violinist Daniel Rowland showed himself – with naked, vulnerable and extremely virtuosic playing – to be an ideal soloist”

Loose translation from the original Dutch
Photo:  Martina Simkovicova

Agency Artist: Daniel Rowland
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