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Songs and Shepherds

Charlotte Bowden (soprano), Robert Plane (clarinet) and Benjamin Frith (piano)
Charles Villiers Stanford - Three Intermezzi, op. 13
Ralph Vaughan Williams - 3 Vocalises
Gustav Holst - Six Songs, op. 16
Arnold Cooke - Three Songs of Innocence
Giacomo Meyerbeer - Hirtenlied
Louis Spohr - Sechs Lieder, op. 103
Franz Schubert - The Shepherd on the Rock, D. 965
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"Eastern Pictures"

Read the introduction to this programme...

Louise Thomson (harp) and the Corvus Consort (vocal ensemble)

Josef Rheinberger - Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen
Gustav Holst - Two Eastern Pictures
Hilary Campbell - Our endless day
Esther Swift - Time Spinner (harp solo)
Amy Beach - Dusk in June (choir only)
Imogen Holst - Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow
Gustav Holst - Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda: Third Group
Marcel Grandjany - Rhapsodie (harp solo)
Olivia Sparkhall - Lux aeterna
Gustav Holst - Ave Maria (choir only)
John Hearne - Alba

Recital with Benjamin Frith – II

Robert Plane (clarinet) and Benjamin Frith (piano)

Claude Debussy - Première Rhapsodie
Johannes Brahms - Sonata in E flat major, op. 120, no. 2
Leó Weiner - Két tétel
York Bowen - Clarinet Sonata, op. 109
Frédéric François Chopin - Barcarolle in F sharp major, op. 60
Gerald Finzi - Five Bagatelles, op. 23


Huw Wiggin (Saxophone) and John Lenehan (piano)
Alessandro Marcello, arr. Huw Wiggin - Concerto in D minor
Franz Schubert - Du Bist die Ruh, op. 59, no. 3, D.776
Edvard Grieg, arr. John Lenehan - Air from Holberg Suite, op. 40
Claude Debussy - Reflets dans l'eau
Manuel De Falla, arr. Huw Wiggin - 7 Popular Songs
Paule Maurice - Tableaux de Provence
Astor Piazzolla, arr. John Lenehan - Fugata and Oblivion
Franz Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody no. 11
Takashi Yoshimatsu - Sing Bird (from Fuzzy Bird Sonata)
Pedro Iturralde - Pequena Czarda

Evoke – with Timothy End

Ferio Saxophone Quartet and Timothy End (piano)

Featuring music from the Ferio Saxophone Quartet’s new CD ‘Evoke’ (November 2021 release), performed with pianist Timothy End. The full programme can be provided on request and would also include some pieces for saxophone quartet alone.
Dmitry Shostakovich, arr. Iain Farrington - Suite for Jazz Orchestra
Pedro Iturralde - Memorias (Triptico)
George Bizet, arr. Iain Farrington - Suite from Carmen
Iain Farrington, arr. Iain Farrington - Animal Parade (selection)

Chopin Cycle

Tim Horton (piano)

Autumn 2021
Chopin and Debussy
— including Chopin 24 Preludes, op. 28
  Spring 2022
Chopin, Mozart and Szymanowski
— including Chopin Ballades op. 23, op. 38, op. 47 and op. 52
  Autumn 2022
Chopin, Schumann and Stockhausen
— including Chopin op. 27, op. 59 and op. 58
  Spring 2023
Chopin and Bach
— including Chopin op. 45, op. 34/2, op. 49, op. 26, op. 63 and op. 61
  Autumn 2023
Chopin and Ravel
— including Chopin op. 48 and Scherzos op. 20, op. 31, op. 39 and op. 54
  Spring 2024
All Chopin
— 1st half: op. 44, op. 57, op. 42, op. 62/1, op. 56, op. 60
— 2nd half: op. 40/2, op. 64, op. 36, op. 62/2, op. 22
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