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New recital programme for 2023

Louise Thomson Harp

Louise Thomson (harp)

Esther Swift – Time Spinner
Pierick Houdy – Sonata for Harp
Paul Patterson – Bugs!
Henriette Renié – Légende, after Les Elfes by Leconte de Lisle
Bedrich Smetana, arr. Hans Trnecek – The Moldau
Andy Scott – Crossing Waves
Sally Beamish – Awuya
Marcel Grandjany – Rhapsodie
Further proposals
"Eastern Pictures"
Corvus Consort, Louise Thomson (harp), Louise Thomson (harp) and the Corvus Consort (vocal ensemble)
Classical Showpieces
Louise Thomson (harp)
Around the World
Louise Thomson (harp)
Contemporary Harp
Louise Thomson (harp)
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