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Music in Theatre

Lucy Gould (violin), Robert Plane (clarinet) and Benjamin Frith (piano)

This programme draws upon music for the stage, in all of its forms. Movements from incidental music for plays form the basis of Suites by Milhaud and Korngold, the latter represented by his acclaimed selection from his score for Much Ado About Nothing. Holbrooke’s Butterfly of the Ballet harks back to the composer’s music hall roots, a medium in which both his parents worked, and in which he was immersed as a child. Whilst Stravinsky’s Soldier’s Tale was ‘to be read, played and danced’ by a small troupe of actors and musicians, here we present it in Stravinsky’s own arrangement for trio. And no survey of music for the stage would be complete without a homage to opera. Tonight we hear Lovreglio’s dazzling fantasy on theme’s from Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’, perfectly taking its great vocal melodies from the grand stage and elaborating on them for the intimacy of the chamber music hall.

Darius Milhaud – Suite for violin, clarinet and piano, op. 157b
Josef Holbrooke – Mezzo-Tints, op. 55 (selection)
Erich Wolfgang Korngold – Much Ado about Nothing, op. 11 (arr. for violin and piano)
Donato Lovreglio – Fantasia on Themes from La Traviata
Igor Stravinsky – Suite from The Soldier’s Tale
Further proposals
Robert Plane
Recital with Benjamin Frith – I
Robert Plane (clarinet) and Benjamin Frith (piano)
Songs and Shepherds
Charlotte Bowden (soprano) Robert Plane (clarinet) and Benjamin Frith (piano)
Saint-Saëns, Fauré and Messiaen
Robert Plane (clarinet) and the Gould Piano Trio
Recital with Benjamin Frith – II
Robert Plane (clarinet) and Benjamin Frith (piano)
Coleridge-Taylor Clarinet Quintet with the Marmen Quartet
Robert Plane (clarinet) and the Marmen Quartet
Beethoven, Hindemith and Brahms
Robert Plane (clarinet) and the Gould Piano Trio
Robert Plane
Boulez and Reich
Robert Plane (clarinet)
Farrenc, Takemitsu and Saint-Saëns
Robert Plane (clarinet) and the Gould Piano Trio
Hamilton Clarinet Quintet
Robert Plane (clarinet) and the Maxwell Quartet
Mark Boden Clarinet Concerto
Robert Plane (clarinet)
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