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Contemporary Harp

Although it was traditional Harp music that originally inspired me to learn the instrument, I have always been keen explore both new and exciting music, and also extended techniques on the instrument.
The incredible Jazz guitarist, Pat Matheny has been an inspiration to so many musicians of any genre. He is a real trailblazer and innovator and his musical output is just exceptional.
I came across one of his most beautiful little pieces, Letter from home, and instantly wanted to make my own arrangement for the harp. It is hauntingly beautiful in its simplicity and at only just over 3 minutes, is one of the most emotive pieces in this programme.
Another piece of note is Egberto Gismonti’s Maracatu. A Maracatu is an ancient Brazilian carnival dance form, the roots of which are in the slave-estates. The slaves used to form tight-knit brotherhoods to preserve their African culture and annually they used to crown their King and Queen. They would celebrate this ceremony with a rhythmic Maracatu. Gismoti’s take on the maracatu is certainly gripping and rhythmical, but I often wonder if it his slightly ironic depiction. It certainly doesn’t seem celebratory with its reflective character.

Nino Rota – Sarabanda e Toccata
John Weinzweig – 15 Pieces for Harp (selection)
William Alwyn – Crepuscule
Pat Metheny – Letter from Home
Dalwyn Henshall – Adagio Cantabile from Three Welsh Dances
Benjamin Britten – Suite for Harp op. 83
Sergiu Natra – Sonatina
Marcel Tournier – Jazz Band
Ekaterina Walter-Kühne – Fantaisie Sur Un Theme De L’Opera Eugene Onegin par P. Tchaikovsky
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