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BBN 2: Song & Dance

Solem Quartet

In a one-hour playlist-form programme, the Solem Quartet tell a story of song and dance through the music of Beethoven, Bartók and Jasmine Morris – a winner of the Solem Quartet’s 2021 Call for Scores competition. Morris’s new piece Hitogata for string quartet and electronics ‘explores the twisted and almost nightmarish movements and contortions of Butoh dance’, a Japanese dance form. Using this exciting work as a springboard, the Solem Quartet produce a musical journey juxtaposing old and new music, and in doing so showcase fundamental aspects of the human experience: song and dance.

Key to the Quartet’s identity is the performative aspect of concerts, and cross-arts collaboration. This programme can be expanded to see the Solem Quartet work with:
–  a String Ensemble to create unique arrangements of this established quartet repertoire, and enhance the musical journey with performance and staging craft.
–  Dancer(s) who will devise and perform their own movement to the existing works, interacting with and reacting to the musical narrative.

Jasmine Morris – Hitogata for string quartet and electronics
Bela Bartók – Quartet no. 4, BB 95
Ludwig van Beethoven – Quartet no. 12 in E flat major, op. 127


To create a full evening concert, the Solem Quartet can offer a short first half. This will take the form of Unpacking BBN Live; a sort of living programme note. Unpacking BBN Live features short performance extracts, the Quartet’s insights into preparing the music and key moments within it, connections between the works performed, as well as an informal Q&A with the audience.


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