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Although the harp is really synonymous with the music of France, I really aim to show that there is so much more to the instrument than that. In this programme I explore music from all around the British Isles, through Europe, to music from as far afield as Brazil.
Included in the programme is a piece that was originally written for piano, Debussy’s La Soiree dans Grenade. I love the challenge of finding exceptional music and arranging/making it work for harp. In the Debussy, the main challenge was making the chromatic nature of the composition work on an instrument that really doesn’t lend itself to chromaticism! I really feel it was worth the effort though, as the harp adds a completely different dimension to the soundscape and a very different expressive quality to the piano.

Mikhail Glinka – Nocturne
Nino Rota – Sarabanda e Toccata
Dalwyn Henshall – Three Welsh Dances
Benjamin Britten – Suite for Harp op. 83
Manuel De Falla, arr. Grandjany – Spanish Dance no.1 from the opera La Vida Breve
Claude Debussy – Estampes no. 2, La Soirée Dans La Grenade
Egberto Gismonti – Maracatu
Sergiu Natra – Sonatina
Mary Ann Kennedy – Cruit Gun Cheis Ceall Gun Aba
Pat Metheny – Letter from Home
Marcel Grandjany – Rhapsodie
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