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World premieres with the Solem Quartet at Bangor Music Festival

The Solem Quartet look forward to their concert of world premieres for Bangor Music Festival in North Wales, which will be streamed online on Friday 12 March.

The Festival, which has taken place annually since 2000, is particularly focused on contemporary music, and this year’s festival theme is ‘the environment’.

The Solem Quartet’s concert, to be filmed at Bangor University, will feature world premiere performances of four brand new works for string quartet by leading contemporary composers.

From the extinction of species to the planet’s abundance of nature, from the concentration of micro plastics in oceans to the connection between personal memories and belongings with time and climate, this concert features four intriguing and contrasting reflections on the festival theme ‘the environment’ that is very much relevant to us today.

The concert will open with a preview of “Towards Silence – A Winter Journey”, the latest quartet by Welsh composer John Metcalf, a central figure in Welsh music. This year’s Bangor Music Festival is prominently featuring Metcalf’s music in celebration of the composer’s 75th year and long-standing relationship with the Festival.

The next item in the Solems’ programme will be String Quartet #1 “your paths overflow with plenty”, a brand new quartet by the Festival’s Artistic Director Guto Pryderi Puw, who is also head of composition at Bangor University.

The Quartet will then perform a new work by Thomas Whitcombe, one of Bangor’s most prominent home-grown composers, who studied music and composition for several years at Bangor University. Whitcombe’s quartet “Micro” is the latest of several works he has written in recent years to be premiered at the Bangor Music Festival.

The concert will end with Jasmin Kent Rodgman’s “28 #Lunar_man5i0ns”, co-commissioned by Bangor Music Festival and the Solem Quartet — a multimedia work taking inspiration from issues of climate justice, our human perspectives on the world around us, the sea, English and Chinese folklore, and more. The string instruments will meld at times with field recordings in an interactive performance.

The Solem Quartet’s Bangor Music Festival concert will be streamed online at 7:30pm on Friday 12 March.

Click here to find the live stream link.

Solem Quartet | Bangor Music Festival: North Wales (online) | Fri 12 March | 7:30pm

John Metcalf – preview of Towards Silence – Winter Journey (2020)
Guto Pryderi Puw – String Quartet #1 – your paths overflow with plenty (2020)
Thomas Whitcombe – Micro (2020)
Jasmin Kent Rodgman – 28 #Lunar_man5i0ns (2020)

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