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Proposals from the Tashmina Artists

Video – Robert Plane offers Reich New York Counterpoint

The Proposals page of the Tashmina website has recently been updated to include even more artistic proposals, tighten up the search facilities and introduce a new, customised print format.

The page can be used simply to browse through all the programmes on offer from our wide array of artists, or you can also use the various filters at the top of the page to search through the proposals applying all sorts of different criteria.

When a particular filter is selected from a drop-down menu, the whole page will update to reflect that search criterion. The easiest way to then go back and search for something different is to use the “Reset” button and start afresh.

Most of the filters are fairly self-explanatory, and there is also a text-search box in case you’re looking for something that doesn’t appear on one of the drop-down menus.

The “Performers” filter can be used to view proposals for a particular combination of musicians, while the “Agency Artist” filter will show all programmes (solo and collaborative) that involve any particular artist on the agency roster.

The page can also be printed or saved as a PDF at any time, and will become a well-formatted, print-friendly document when you do so.


Some examples of ways you can use the filters and search function:

  • Example 1 — use the “Involves Piano?” filter to search for all programmes that can be performed without the need for a piano.
  • Example 2 — use the “Agency Artist” filter to browse through the various collaborations on offer for a particular artist (e.g. Robert Plane or Daniel Rowland, each of whom offers a range of collaborative programmes with different musicians).
  • Example 3 — select “Violin Cello and Piano” in the “Ensemble” filter to view the various Piano Trio combinations available through the agency.
  • Example 4 — search for “Beethoven” in the text-search box to view all programmes across the roster including his works.
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