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Rowland Bogdanovic Duo

Programme proposals from the Rowland Bogdanovic Duo

The Rowland Bogdanovic duo brings together charismatic Dutch–English violinist Daniel Rowland and superb Serbian–French cellist Maja Bogdanovic. Their explorations of music ranging from the Baroque to the present day allow them to offer a set of compelling programmes including works by Bach, Ravel, Sollima and Piazzolla.

Since forming their duo in 2018, Daniel and Maja have performed all over Europe, including engagements at Veere Festival in the Netherlands and La Folle Journée de Nantes, France’s largest classical music festival. Engagements further afield have included the Princeton Symphony Orchestra Chamber Series, USA, and Festival Artes Vertentes, international festival of the arts in Tiradentes, Brazil. They have also performed together at many of Europe’s leading festivals, including Kuhmo, Fejø and Oulunsalo Soi Chamber Music Festivals, Stift and Trecastagni International Music Festivals, Musique en Charolais-Brionnais, Classic Con Brio Osnabrück, and Düsseldorf Chamber Jam Festival.

In December 2018 they appeared live on Dutch Television programme NTR Podium Witteman. They enjoyed talking to host, Paul Witteman, about their work and they played Berceuse by Glière (from Eight Pieces for Violin and Cello, op. 39) and Castillo Interior by Vasks. Their performance of Castillo Interior can be seen in this video:

To see more of the duo’s video content, please click here.

The Rowland Bogdanovic duo’s programme proposals can be viewed on this page.

The programmes include two-part inventions by Bach, large-scale duos by Ravel and Kodály, and short works by living composers (Penderecki, Sollima, Vasks, Widmann, Mařatka).

Their first programme begins around the turn of the 20th century with Halvorsen’s Passacaglia and a set of eight miniatures by Soviet composer Reinhold Glière, before a succession of works by Sollima, and Vasks’s Castillo Interior (as heard in the video above). Daniel opens the second half with a violin solo, Menetrier, the first movement from Enescu’s Impressions d’Enfance, before embarking on Ravel’s wonderful Sonata for Violin and Cello.

The two ‘Carnet de Voyage’ (travel journal) programmes present journeys through Europe, encompassing music from Germany, Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Russia, Italy, Romania, France and the Czech Republic.

The journey of the first ‘Carnet de Voyage’ is through time as well as geography, as its first half juxtaposes Bach’s inventions with highly-contrasting music by living composers Penderecki, Widmann and Vasks. The second ‘Carnet de Voyage’, having travelled extensively around Europe, makes an eventual detour to South America, to conclude with a set of duos by Argentinian tango composer Astor Piazzolla.

Each of these programmes also contains a cornerstone work of the repertoire for violin and cello duo: Kodály’s Duo for violin and piano in the first, and Ravel’s Sonata for violin and cello in the second.

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