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A plethora of proposals to consider

We are delighted to unveil a new area of the website, specifically designed to aid you, the concert promoter, in finding and considering artistic proposals.

You can find it here.

Please be aware that this is not fully populated yet, and we will be adding many more proposals – but there is already plenty there to have a look at!

You will see there are filters which you can use as you wish. They work in combination with the search box (and indeed each other, in an “and” relationship).  For example, if you want to see if any string quartets are offering a work by Richard Blackford you would select “String Quartet” in the Ensemble Filter, type “Blackford” into the search box and then hit “search”.

For the moment, the filters work independently (listing all values available, rather than only those remaining after other selections have been made) but this will be improved in phase 2.

Please do check back regularly as this area will be constantly updated with new proposals.

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