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Diary Date: Parnassius Piano Duo at St John’s Smith Square Sunday 19 Feb 2017 at 3.00pm

The Parnassius Piano Duo – Simon Callaghan and Hiroaki Takenouchi – look forward to entertaining audiences at St John’s Smith Square with a sumptuous programme for a Sunday afternoon which they will perform on two pianos.

Parry’s Grosses Duo in E minor, one of the most important pieces for piano duo and the only known British example from the romantic era, has never been recorded and is a particular favourite of the Duo, who relish the work’s intricate Baroque and contrapuntal influences. The piece is very rarely-performed, making this concert a ‘must’, not just for English music lovers, but for all.

In sharp contrast to the rarity and relative seriousness of Parry’s Grosse Duo, comes Copland’s vibrant El Salón México, arranged by Leonard Bernstein, who loved the work so much he also arranged it for solo piano. Alive with strong Latin American rhythms and Mexican folk tunes, Copland’s original orchestral show stopper depicts an imaginary dance hall in Mexico City, and represents Copland’s perception of Mexico from his many visits.

Rachmaninov is a composer close to the Duo’s heart. Their arrangement of his Symphony No. 2 Op. 27 is, by their own admission, an unashamed indulgence in one of his most loved Symphonies. With an arrangement for 4 hands, one piano already in existence, Parnassius felt that a two piano version would open up even greater possibilities in expressing Rachmaninov’s vast musical landscape.  This performance marks the world premiere of their arrangement.

For two pianos:
Parry Grosses Duo in E minor
Copland El Salón México, arr Bernstein
Rachmaninov Symphony no.2, op.27, arr. Takenouchi and Callaghan
Tickets and further information here

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