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New Year Festival

‘New Year Music Festival’  is an exciting new co-production by Stiftfestival  and Classical NOW!, with Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk.  Seven chamber music concerts will be live-streamed in the first three days of 2021.

After the forced cancellation of this year’s Stift Midwinterfestival (of which Daniel is Artistic Director), which was due to take place at the end of December, the “New Year Festival” has been created in its place. The concerts will be streamed from Studio 150 Bethlehemkerk, a world-class recording studio-church in Amsterdam, in collaboration with innovative concert promoter Classical Now in The Hague.

Daniel says:

After we had to cancel this years Stift Midwinterfestival I’m really happy & excited that it will now happen online! … I can’t wait to kick off 2021 with these 7 exuberant, sparkling & adventurous concerts, including jazz, literature and even a brand new movie.

Throughout the seven concerts, Daniel will perform alongside a host of world-class chamber musicians: Anna Fedorova, Maja Bogdanovic, Natacha Kudritskaya, Fabian Fiorini, Dana Zemtsov, Nicky Schwartz, Floor Le Coultre, Tijmen Huisingh, Joël Waterman, Vladimir Mendelssohn and Pau Codina.

1 Jan 14:30 — ‘Viennese New Year’: Korngold Quintet & Schubert Trout
1 Jan 19:00 — ‘Beethoven’s love letters’: Moonlight, op. 95, Cavatina, Kreutzer
1 Jan 22:00 — ‘Beethoven goes freejazz!!’: op. 111 and Appasionata into freejazz
2 Jan 14:30 — ‘Poetic Parisian matinee’, with poetry and projections
2 jan 19:00 — ‘Hommage to Cesar Franck’: Sonata, Sextet
3 Jan 14:30 — ‘The French Connection’: Couperin, Falla, Piazzolla, Franck
3 Jan 19:00 — ‘Verklärte Nacht’: Ravel, Schnittke, Zebeljan, Schoenberg

Open the menu of videos in the playlist below to access all of the concerts.


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