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Intimate Letters – Daniel Rowland invites you to Stift Festival 2018

I’m happy to share this little video about the Stift Festival that we made last Sunday. I visited some beauty-spots round Stift and talk a little bit about the upcoming 14th Stift Festival, and the place I grew up.I hope you enjoy this ‘Postcard from Stift’, and feel free to share 😊✨🎶

Posted by Daniel Rowland on Sunday, 8 July 2018

In this film, Daniel takes us to beautiful Twente in the Netherlands, and to the ancient village of Stift where he grew up. We go inside the intimate 14th-century village church where many of the festival’s concerts are held, and then on a tour of this beautiful location.

As Daniel explains, the theme for Stift Festival 2018 (26th August to 2nd September) is ‘Intimate Letters’, with a parallel theme of ‘Nature’.
Do watch the film to learn more about this fabulous festival, and the “pure, unadorned music” which awaits the audience.
Festival website for Stift Festival 2018 – 26th August to 2nd September – and ticket information

Agency Artist: Daniel Rowland
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