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Diverse choral programmes from Corvus Consort

Corvus Consort presents an exciting set of programmes for 2024 and 2025, featuring their collaborations with harpist Louise Thomson and instrumental duo Music on the Edge, as well as music for a cappella choir.

Byrd Takes Flight
in collaboration with Music on the Edge

Commemorating 400 years since the death of William Byrd in 2023, “Byrd Takes Flight” sees Corvus Consort join forces with instrumental duo Music on the Edge to present a groundbreaking convergence of old and new, as voices and instruments intertwine to explore soundworlds that transcend the centuries between them. Four newly-commissioned works explore the enduring strength of Byrd’s influence, which stretches right through to the 21st century. Each new commission is composed as a partner piece to a particular work by Byrd, placing Byrd’s musical voice in direct dialogue with the voices of some of today’s most exciting young composers. Click here to read more about this programme.

Women’s Voices
in collaboration with Louise Thomson (harp)

Corvus Consort’s upper voices team up with harpist Louise Thomson under the direction of Freddie Crowley to present a selection of glorious music for upper voices and harp. Throwing a particular spotlight on women’s voices – both vocal and compositional – the programme features music by Imogen and Gustav Holst alongside a set of four works commissioned by Multitude of Voyces for International Women’s Day 2019 from talented living female composers Hilary Campbell, Olivia Sparkhall, Carol J Jones and Gemma McGregor. From summer 2024, music by Elizabeth Poston and Shruthi Rajasekar will also be added to the possibilities for this programme. Click here to read more about this programme.

Poetry in Music: George Herbert
for choir a cappella or with instruments

Corvus Consort presents a fascinating exploration of composers’ responses to the poetry of 17th-century English metaphysical poet George Herbert (1593-1633). Through a sumptuous selection of choral music by Judith Weir, Alec Roth, Roxanna Panufnik, James MacMillan and more, the musicians reveal how George Herbert’s words have provided inspiration to a whole generation of composers. If instruments are available, the programme can finish with Vaughan Williams’s magnificent Five Mystical Songs – perhaps the most famous setting of Herbert’s poetry – which can be performed in its wonderful version for choir, piano and string quartet, as well as in the version for choir and piano. Click here to read more about this programme.

Corvus offers various other sample programmes, including their collaborations with Ferio Saxophone Quartet (as featured on their debut album for Chandos Records released in 2022) and with star violinist Rachel Podger (as featured in a series of concerts earlier this year). Click here to browse a full list of Corvus Consort’s programme proposals.

In addition to their existing programme proposals, Corvus Consort has also developed a strong track record in crafting new programmes specially for a particular concert or occasion, responding closely and sensitively to a promoter’s interests and requirements.

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