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Concerts, commissions, collaborations, and quintets…the Solem Quartet tell us what’s coming next

“Summer is just around the corner…but before that we’ve got a month full of concerts, commissions, collaborations, and quintets (it works if you say it out loud).”

Photo: Matthew Johnson

“Today(!) we will be premiering Ayanna Witter-Johnson’s Island Suite at Wigmore Hall in a concert celebrating Ayanna’s work. Ayanna is a force of nature / super-human plate-spinner: she is a composer, cellist, pianist, songwriter, actress…the list goes on. In Island Suite Ayanna will join us as composer-singer-cellist-narrator; not only spinning plates, but spinning a yarn of stories and music inspired by her ancestral home of Jamaica.”


“We are proud to have commissioned Ayanna as part of Beethoven Bartók Now, so if you can’t make it to Wigmore – fear not, because we’ll be performing the piece in full again as part of a very exciting musical journey BBN: Experiments at the enchanting Wilton’s Music Hall on July 20th. Book your tickets now!”

“Before that though, we’ll be bringing the next chapter of our Beethoven Bartók Now series to Liverpool and the wonderful new Tung Auditorium on 27th May. BBN: Pioneers presents three dangerous and daring works: Beethoven’s Quartet No. 14 op. 131, an exploratory and extraordinary seven-movement work; Bartók’s Quartet No. 1, a deeply personal journey of self-discovery, and an exciting new work from David John Roche, A Prayer at the Edge of Silence. Three works of wildly differing musical styles, but unified by their strong, bold and clear voices.”

“Before taking it to Liverpool, we’ll be performing David’s work for the first time in the beautiful surroundings of Kettle’s Yard Cambridge on 12th May, followed by a London performance at Conway Hall on 15th May. Do join us!”

“We’ll be in Liverpool twice this month in fact – on 11th May we’ll be there performing with students as part of our ongoing residency with the University of Liverpool, in a lunchtime concert at the Tung. We were last there in April, performing with Liverpool’s finest (and another plate-spinning magical musician), Mark Simpson; you can hear us performing with Mark from a recent concert in Perth (plus Amy’s gorgeous arrangement of Clara Schumann’s Three Romances), and there’s still time to catch last month’s appearance on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune!”

“If you’d like some more clarinet quintets (who wouldn’t?) then drop in to the Aldeburgh Festival on June 4th at 11am where we’ll be performing Mark’s own quintet alongside Mozart…the perfect accompaniment to Jubilee celebrations!”

Hope to see you in the near future!

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