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25th – 30th August: Stiftfestival 2015. Daniel Rowland is Artistic Director

Daniel Rowland says:

We are delighted to present the programme of the 11th Stift Festival, with this year as it’s theme: LOVE. Love in it’s many forms: passionate, tender, exhilarating, devastating, selfless, romantic, obsessive, spiritual, eternal…

This year’s program is full of works that radiate love, passion and greatest joy, as well as pieces directly inspired by heartbreak, loss and despair.
I think it’s fair to say that both ‘Liebesleid’ and ‘Liebesfreud’ have inspired the great composers to some of their most touching creations. From Beethoven and his Immortal beloved to the tenderness and passion of Franck, Chausson and Faure, from Brahms’, Janacek’s and Schnittke’s deeply touching essays on loss to Schonbergs Verklarte Nacht, maybe the ultimate musical love story – these are works that I love deeply and each tells a very personal story.

Our Composer in residence, the wonderful Marcelo Nisinman is writing a Tango for this year’s festival, inspired by the theme, and we’re delighted to present his thrilling version of the Piazzolla Seasons as well. I’m also exited to perform the Dutch premiere of the beautiful arrangement of the Berg Concerto ‘to the memory of an angel’ (for me one of the most profoundly touching pieces) by Wolfgang Abendrot. And the overtone singing of Gareth Lubbe is a phenomenon that with leave you both speechless and fascinated, it is, I believe, something quite unique!

I’m very happy to present this year several familiar faces, and firm audience favourites, as well as quite a few terrific artists making their Stift debut.

It would be wonderful to be able to welcome you at Stift in late August, for what I believe will be an exceptionally intense, passionate, joyful week of music making by some of the most inspiring, communicative, adventurous artists performing today.”

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