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Huw Wiggin and Somi Kim – This Sunday at St John’s Smith Square

Huw Wiggin and Somi Kim’s ‘Sundays at St John’s’ programme this Sunday at 3.00pm offers a fabulous range of music for saxophone and piano, selected to show exactly what the instrument has to offer in its many different guises. Their programme has been carefully crafted to highlight the saxophone’s versatility, and embrace the many different musical styles to which it can adapt; it promises to be a highly enjoyable afternoon of music!

Particularly known for playing the soprano saxophone, Wiggin has included works from the Baroque period by JS Bach and Benedetto Marcello. As the saxophone was invented in Dinant, Belgium and many pieces in the repertoire are therefore of French or Belgium influence, the programme also includes works by Jules Demersseman and Paule Maurice, whose Tableaux de Provence atmospherically captures each mood of the composer’s experiences of childhood in the area.

Wiggin’s love of Jazz comes to the fore in the last movement of Edison Denisov’s Sonata and in Takashi Yoshimatsu’s evocative second movement of the Fuzzy Bird Sonata. Wiggin and Kim bring the concert to a close with Spanish composer Pedro Iturralde ‘s dazzling gypsy dance Pequena Czarda.

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