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Monte Piano Trio at the George Enescu Festival

In September, the Monte Piano Trio will visit Romania to perform at the George Enescu Festival. They have been invited to give three concerts over five days in Bucharest, Sibiu and Cluj, as part of the festival’s 24th edition.

Six super programmes from the Monte Piano Trio

The Monte Piano Trio have recently updated the list of programmes they are offering in future seasons. Please click here to find six super possibilities to consider.

They are in the UK in November, playing at Conway and also for Luton Music Club. The Monte Piano Trio are also excited to be performing at the George Enescu Festival in Romania in 2019, where they will give a series of three concerts.

Monte Piano Trio at Highgate International Chamber Music Festival

The Monte Piano Trio are back in London to take part in Highgate International Chamber Music Festival – the annual classical chamber music festival which brings together outstanding chamber musicians from around the world for one week of music making in the heart of North London.

In the Studio

The Monte Piano Trio are currently in Frankfurt recording their second CD on the Genuin label. The disc spans three consecutive centuries of writing for piano trio by three women composers and includes works by Clara Schumann, Amy Beach and Natalie Klouda, who has dedicated her piece to the trio.

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